Building Blocks: An Introduction to Training

With the "Building Blocks: An Introduction to Training" package, you will receive two personal training sessions that will become the cornerstone for your fitness plan. The first session will include an overall fitness evaluation, including a review of your health history and your desired results. The second session includes a tailor-made workout that is designed especially for your unique goals.

Topics to be discussed:
  • Review of health history
  • Current fitness program
  • Overall goals and how they can be achieved
Also covered:
  • Height/Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Body fat percentage
  • VO2 Max Test
  • Overall Strength
Number of Sessions Price
2 Sessions $175.00
Training Packages*

Number of Sessions Price Savings
1 Session $125.00
6 Sessions $712.00 5% Savings
12 Sessions $1,350.00 10% Savings
24 Sessions $2,550.00 15% Savings
48 Sessions $4,800.00 20% Savings

* All packages expire 1 year from purchase date. 24 hour cancellation policy.
Larger Packages Available Upon Request